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Special on Parts

Large Capacity Transmission Oil Cooler

The large capacity transmission oil cooler ensures durable and stable operation of transmission.

Swing Out Cooling Fan

Our fan assembly has been designed with the one touch swing out mechanism and cleaning the radiator core is very easy.

Transmission Diagnosis

The transmission can be diagnosed using a laptop computer to interface with the diagnostic system.

Remote Engine oil & Coolant Drain

Remote drain valves have been installed in an easily accessible location for convenient draining of fluids. (Coolant - upper, Engine oil- lower).

Central Remote Hydraulic Check Port

The centralized remote hydraulic check ports allow main, steering, brake charge, pilot, unloading and transmission clutch pressures to be checked at a convenient central location.

Remote Greasing Lubrication Ports

The front pins can be lubricated from the outside of the machine without crawling under the machine or in awkward positions through the lubrication ports.

Propeller Shaft

A protective cover has been installed to protect the oil seal from dust, foreign objects and premature wear.

Reinforced Bucket

The lower and side panels of the bucket have been reinforced with additional plates (opt).
- Reinforcement : At both sides - 1 point each
At lower panel - 3 point

Oil Gauge

An oil level indicator at the centre of the machine is clearly visible.

Transmission Filter

The transmission filters are within easy reach and like the rest of the machine’s service components, can be checked from ground level.

Air- cleaner Filter

The high capacity air cleaner eliminates harmful particles from the air and extends the life of the engine and replacement intervals.

Brake & Pilot Filter

The pilot filter is easy to replace and a clogged filter warning system has been added for extra protection.

The hoses and cylinders

The hoses and cylinders that are exposed are especially well protected.

Turbo Charge Air Cooled Intercooler Engine

DE 12TIS, turbo charge air cooled intercooler engine
provides competitive power output and high-efficiency in its class. This 6 cylinder turbocharged diesel offers optimal combustion in all conditions far superior to those stated in the emissions regulations.

Full Auto Transmission

The transmission is particularly smooth and gear ratios perfectly spaced to give optimal speed. That gives comfort at the same time that it delivers excellent traction in every working conditions. All of these characteristics, combined, provide a machine that makes good shovel penetration.

Electro Hydraulic Power steering

Works with a flow amplifier and priority valve. And the
emergency steering system is equipped as an option
to secure a safety against a malfunction of steering
system during traveling.

Axle Oscillation Outstanding Work Safety (oscillation)

The center pin support system rear axle can maintain
the machine in the horizontal position even in rough terrain achieving the maximum safe operating and driving performance.