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B&R Rental Advantages

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The B&R Equipment Rentals Advantage:

B&R allows 200 hours of operation per rental month – This is a great advantage over our
competition that offers you only 160 hours per month.

B&R allows 50 hours of operation per rental week – Same added value on short term rental.

B&R’s rental month has the same number of days as the calendar, not just 28– This will save you an extra month’s cost on a year contract. (12 months versus thirteen 28 day cycles)

B&R’s Low Freight Rates – Our delivery charges average $180.00 per hour of travel time, within the DFW metroplex.

B&R will convert a rental into a custom purchase plan - you can apply rental charges to a purchase. This allows you to try a piece of equipment before you buy.

We rent:
Excavators – Dozers – Scrapers – Motor graders – Long Reach Hammer
Soil Stabilizers – Compaction Equipment – Crawler Loaders– Articulated Trucks –
Water Equipment – Wheel Loaders – and more!